Don't trust the medical freedom movement - Dec 2023 edition

Not getting scammed will help you recover

You don’t need to waste time on things that don’t work.

The Medical Freedom Movement (MFM) and its dirty laundry

A whole bunch of people are fighting each other right now. However, you don’t actually need to get into the details of who’s right and who’s wrong… because most of them have a lot of skeletons in the closet. The bigger story is that political movements and chronic illness advocacy are filled with all sorts of crazy people. So…

Do not trust medical advice from the medical freedom movement or chronic illness advocates.

A lot of the medical information is trash. A lot of prominent doctors had their papers retracted for false or manipulated data (e.g. Judy Mikovits)- yet nobody is calling them out on it. Very few people in the MFM (medical freedom movement) will take the high road. The independent news outlets should talk about this stuff but won’t. If you can’t verify medical information for yourself, don’t rely on it. The MFM is just as screwed up as the mainstream medical system that it seeks to replace.

As far as chronic illness advocates go, we’ve seen the Long COVID and ME/CFS groups push COVID vaccinations… with disastrous results. The vax injury scene is not that different- some so-called “advocates” will intentionally spread medical advice that they know is wrong. And then you have the people selling the MLM wand, supplements from The Wellness Company, etc. etc. Sadly, I was one of the few people with the courage to speak out against the wand or wand selling practices.

Summary of MFM people fighting each other

  • Robert Malone versus a long list of people. Malone has a tendency to throw shade at people when he blogs. Despite having his defamation lawsuit against the Breggins and Jane Ruby thrown out on jurisdiction, he continues to talk trash about Ruby by pointing out her past.
  • TWC (The Wellness Company) versus Robert Malone - The Wellness Company network involves a number of medical freedom movement people being paid by Foster Coulson, the founder of TWC. Last year, Coulson threw shade at Malone and the ‘crypto bros’ in Puerto Rico who are funding a decentralized medicine business/startup that hired Malone. It is implied that Coulson is calling out Malone’s backers for being ‘billionaire crypto pedophiles’. The Coulson-funded Vigilant News ran a not-very-flattering piece on Malone this month.
  • AFLDS civil war - Insiders there are fighting a very public battle over control of AFLDS. 2-min summary video.
  • Other conflicts that I don’t want to talk about because some of the people involved are litigious.


  • Beyond the Maze versus TWC and Carolina Bonita - BTM has written exposes on them, alleging unsavoury connections for TWC and separately alleging that Carolina Bonita is intentionally sabotaging the medical freedom movement. Bonita is doing Twitter spaces with some vax injured individuals. A link to the Themis Report can be found here.
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