DNA contamination in mRNA vaccines (mostly Pfizer) - is it causing vax injury?

Recent work by two different groups (McKernan and Buckhaults) have found DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines. What happened with the Pfizer vaccines is that the manufacturing process was dramatically changed from the original Process 1 to the cheaper Process 2. Process 1 was given to the clinical trial participants and those who were vaccinated very early. It is possible that Process 2 has safety issues that Process 1 does not have.

Here are the issues:

  1. Lax regulatory oversight. One viewpoint is that the regulators knew about the problem and looked the other way.
  2. Informed consent / “Bait and switch”. Most vaccinated people didn’t get what was studied in the clinical trials. (This issue may be overshadowed by the vaccine injuries that were covered up during the clinical trials. So far 4 people have gone public with injuries that were not properly documented in the clinical trials.)
  3. Is one process more dangerous than the other?

Regulatory oversight

There are technical reasons why the DNA contamination issue would have been obvious to certain regulators. They gave emergency approval to the vaccines anyways.

The FDA and EMA actually had very smart people working for them asking the right questions about the mRNA vaccines. We definitely know that this is the case for the EMA based on leaked documents. See my notes on Maria Gutschi’s presentation at the NCI.

The argument that is going to come out will be something like this: the regulators would have known about the manufacturing process, which uses DNA plasmids as part of the manufacturing. The obvious issue is that the DNA plasmids (and bacterial endotoxins/LPS) used for manufacturing should be removed so that there are low levels of impurities in the final product. Some people will argue that the regulators knew that the level of contamination was excessive and that they looked the other way.

The bait and switch

There are major differences between what was studied in the clinical trials and what most people received.

  • dsDNA plasmids, which contain genes for antibiotic resistance. These plasmids will likely help the bacteria in your body gain resistance against the specific antibiotics used in the manufacturing process. The plasmids themselves are inflammatory.
  • SV40 promoters, which has a theoretical risk of being cancer-causing (oncogenic).
  • LPS/endotoxin contamination. They cause inflammation. They almost certainly behave a little differently when mixed with LNPs. The LNPs allow the LPS to get inside the cell where they can trigger different inflammatory pathways rather than the ones triggered from the outside of the cell.
  • RNA purity. The commercial vaccines had lower levels of perfect RNA and higher levels of defective RNA. The defective RNA may do nothing. Or they may encode for weird proteins that could cause health problems. We don’t know.

These risks are theoretical. But that’s why we test experimental drugs before we give them to a lot of people.

Is one process more dangerous than the other?

I haven’t found good data on this. However, we do know that both processes have safety issues.

  • In the clinical trials for Pfizer mRNA products, Maddie de Garay and Augusto Roux have gone public with their injuries that were not properly documented. Olivia Teseniar received a Moderna mRNA vaccine during the clinical trials and her public VAERS record was deleted.
  • The support groups are filled with people who were injured by Pfizer’s Process 2, which was the most popular among COVID vaccines in the Western world.

I personally don’t think that the manufacturing issues played a major role in vaccine injury. However, there are other perspectives on the topic. A paper by Schmelling and colleagues could be interpreted as evidence that injury rates are much higher for bad batches.

Facebook censoring the Buckhaults video

When somebody tried to post the video in the Canadian vccn injry support FB group, Facebook flagged the Buckhaults video and linked to this webpage that claims to fact check Kevin McKernan’s work.


In any case, you can watch the Buckhaults video for yourself. Rumble and Youtube links below:

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/IEWHhrHiiTY?si=UshYVOYRUwhAjCmX

The bottom line

The root of the problem is that regulators lack accountability from the media and the voting public. Facebook and legacy media outlets are funding projects like the Trusted News Initiative, which engage in the type of ‘fact checking’ (wrongthink checking) that led to Facebook censoring the Buckhaults video. The problem is that the media, Big Tech, and government starting working together and pursuing their common interests at the expense of public health.

Without accountability, it seems that the government and regulators have decided to pursue their own self-interest instead of doing their jobs properly. The FDA and EMA are actually highly competent at what they do but they decided to look the other way with the COVID vaccines. The consequence is that people were injured by the COVID vaccines and the government is not taking care of the injured by figuring out what went wrong, providing access to healthcare, giving financial aid, and researching a solution to the problem. It’s becoming clear that the Big Tech companies were intentionally censoring the existence of the vaccine injured because that’s what the Biden administration wanted.

A German team claims to have reproduced the findings of McKernan, also finding DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines.

Dear Mr. Diefenbach,
On April 10, 2023, an article by US researcher Kevin McKernan and his colleagues was published which reported the massive DNA contamination of the mRNACOVID-19 vaccines from BioNTech and Moderna, far in excess of the limit set by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It is particularly shocking that even complete functional bacterial plasmids (ring-shaped DNA from genetically modified bacteria) were found in all vaccine samples.
According to the current state of scientific knowledge, there is generally a wellfounded suspicion that DNA contaminations of an injectable medication have harmful effects that go far beyond an acceptable level, even when the medication in question is used as intended. From a scientific point of view, this finding must therefore be described as highly questionable within the meaning of Section 5 of the German Medications Act. Details can be found in the attached document “Evaluation of the McKernan et al 2023 publication: Specification of DNA impurities in mRNA vaccines”.
The responsibility of your office for correspondingly necessary inspections and consequences derives from the Act on the Establishment of the Hessian State Office for Health and Care of December 9, 2022 (LAGesPflErG HE) and the manufacturer’s authorization
E_HE_01_MIA_ 2022_0087 of Biontech Manufacturing Marburg GmbH (ORG-100001653 / LOC-100002178) with regard to the production of BNT162b2 (mRNA-COVID-19 vaccine BioNTech) in Marburg (Hesse).


Website: http://www.genimpfstoffe.de/
English PDF: https://www.genimpfstoffe.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/English-DNA-in-mRNA-Vaccine.pdf

My colleague at CCCA did independent verification of McKernan’s work. One highlight is that he used PCR to look at the ratio between DNA and RNA… this is one way to estimate the amount of DNA contamination in the vaccines.

DNA contamination could potentially explain side effects that are more common in Pfizer than Moderna, which has a little less DNA contamination.

He will be publishing his research on the vaccines onto onto his Substack.