David Systrom on upcoming trial studying Mestinon and LDN (for ME/CFS), individually and as a combination

He’s saying that these 2 drugs have been showing a lot of promise for Long COVID and ME/CFS.

The transcript is HERE. There’s not too much in the video other than him saying that these 2 drugs have promise and him talking about the study design.

So, I see probably 10 to 15 new patients with ME/CFS, and for that matter, Long COVID, and the overlap of the two, every week in the clinic. Over the last year and a half, we’ve heard through anecdotal evidence and many patient stories that these two drugs have been useful. In my clinical practice, and that of many others of my colleagues, we often will give both drugs. We stagger them a little bit, but we don’t know whether there’s something special about the combination or whether each of them alone is truly useful versus placebo in a properly done trial.