Curious for treatment / clinical trial suggestions

TL;DR - Have a cluster of dysautonomia and PEM symptoms that are unchecked and leave me pretty disabled ~3 days a month (unable to regulate my sense of body temperature, vasoconstriction, tachycardia, POTS, OH, etc.). Looking for suggestions for treatments.

Longer version:

  • Covid in April 2022 after 3 vaccines
  • LC symptomology develops in ~June/July 2022
  • Symptoms initially believed to be cardiac in nature, but no actual cardiac conditions ever identified after many tests (echocardiogram, CT, MRI, EKG, dozens of blood and urine tests – uncovered the Covid-caused diabetes)
  • Circa Nov 2022 DX with LC and T2D from Covid
  • Cardiac issues ruled out, remaining non-T2D symptoms are all consistent with various clusters of dysautonomic conditions
  • Current theory from LC specialist is that either my immune system is continuing to attack my body or viral reservoir, no specific treatments other than rest.
  • Initially, LC specialist felt I might be better by July-Aug 2023; however, it’s Feb 2024 and while I am better, I remain not well

Would love to hear any suggestions for treatments or clinical trials as I have now lost hope that I will get better but also am staring down whether or not I can continue to work.

(USA/California-based if it matters)

See the slides for the latest survey (in the video description):

It has a quick summary of the more ‘proven’ treatments.

Also see the iHerb shopping list - it has a list of the most promising supplements (some of which are prescription drugs or highly similar to prescription drugs).

More advanced treatments

See the protocol video on the Odysee channel.

This forum also has a post on tilorone. It’s sold over the counter in ex soviet bloc countries but this drug is tricky because your Western doctor will not know about it.

If you’ve exhausted most of your options

Thanks Glenn, just trying to digest all the info here will check out the video later today.

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