Could more clotting be the solution to vax injury?

Here’s an interesting Twitter thread where the author, Christie Laura Grace, believes that the negative charge of the LNPs is what leads to myocarditis.

From what I understand, the hypothesis is something like this:

  • The LNPs in the mRNA vaccines have a negative charge → there is more bleeding → blood vessels don’t clot and heal properly. IMPORTANT EDIT 11/11/2023: The LNPs have a positive charge (cationic). So there goes their argument.
  • More DNA plasmid contamination → more side effects

Darrell Demello on Facebook has pointed out literature on Electronic Antihemocoagulation, which uses an electrical charge to cause more clotting. Maybe it’s a potential treatment, maybe it’s not.

Data on treatments that cause more or less blood clotting

Tranexamic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent. It works by blocking the breakdown of blood clots, which prevents bleeding. → More clotting

I tried it and gave me a new symptom (felt like getting stabbed in the heart). While I tried many things, it is the only drug that gave me that symptom. My recovery story can be found here. It wasn’t that bad and did not provide any benefit.

People have tried triple anticoag and variations on that treatment, which will cause less clotting. They do the opposite of what tranexamic acid does. Results seem to be mixed if you include anecdotal evidence - some people get better, some stay the same, some get worse.

So overall, I don’t think that the solution to vax injury is as simple as more or less clotting.