Child (allegedly) killed by MRI gadolinium contrast dye given despite a doctor's contraindication letters

This story is crazy. According to a lawsuit against a hospital and its doctors, the parents say that their child was given gadolinium dye (used for MRIs with contrast) despite a North Carolina physician issuing letters saying that gadolinium dye was contraindicated in the child.

JOSE had a history of kindly injury, severe allergic reactions to MRIs with Gadolinium, toxic buildup of Gadolinium in JOSE,'s bones, skin and other parts of his body for a long time, had previous multiple MRIs with previous multiple doses of Gadolinium, had a history of hyper sensitivity reactions to MRIs with Gadolinium, among other historical Indicators of Gadolinium contraindication.

While patients have a right to decline treatment, the doctors went against the parent’s wishes (and the NC doctor’s gadolinium contraindication) and administered gadolinium anyways. The child ultimately died (!!!).


Firstly, it seems that the doctors brazenly ignored the right to bodily autonomy. This has been a theme throughout the pandemic as people were coerced into receiving experimental therapeutics.

Secondly, the dangers of gadolinium contrast dye seem to fall in the blind spot of many medical ‘professionals’. Chuck Norris is perhaps the most famous person advocating on this issue as his wife was badly hurt by gadolinium contrast dye. Separately, some chronic illness patients may be reacting to the dye even if they don’t experience gadolinium toxicity (though this is based on anecdotes).

For chronic illness patients, doing your own research may be the only way to get informed consent about MRI with contrast. I’ve posted links to some resources here. Gadolinium has a wealth of resources.

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