Censorship is back on Twitter


Vigilant News explains the censorship that has come back on Twitter/X. The article links to the tweet shown above where the video cannot be played. This is one way in which content is being de-boosted.

It also points out other tricks:

In short, “lawful but awful” accounts and external links (especially Substack) are getting brutally deboosted. And permanent suspensions, which were promised to be reserved for unlawful speech only, have made a big comeback.

I’ve seen the deboosting of Substack links on my own Twitter account. Normally my Tweets will get at least 100 views but this one got 47.


If you want uncensored discussion of chronic illness, please help grow forums like this one and Cat Parker’s group on Trialsite News.

The Big Tech companies like to censor vaccine-related discussions. Discord will also shut down discussions related to experimental drugs and anybody trying to run their own ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (in the 80s, AIDS patients illegally imported drugs to treat themselves).

Full article here: