BrongFogBoy's recovery from Post Finasteride Syndrome - Iodine, Fecal Matter Transplant, gut microbiome

BrongFogBoy experienced debilitating symptoms that left him jobless 1.5-2 weeks after stopping finasteride, a hair loss drug. His symptoms overlap heavily with those of Long COVID, ME/CFS, and post vac: brain fog, post exertional malaise, anhedonia, depression, low energy. (The prevalence of anhedonia in chronic illness is not clear as most surveys don’t ask about it.)

His gut microbiome seems to have played a role in causing his issues as iodine and FMT led to his recovery.


The author does NOT recommend that others try this.

  • Very high dose of iodine (1000mg) - note that food may be around 1mg and supplements around 2-4mg.
  • Fecal matter transplant (FMT), DIY - Note (not mentioned in the video): somebody has died from FMT in the past. It is not a FDA approved treatment.

He is not sure if the FMT did anything as his improvements may have been due to iodine alone.

His gut microbiome tests showed low levels of beneficial bacteria. Patients should test their microbiome before thinking about going down this path. It is probably a bad idea for those with signs of a healthy gut microbiome.

High dose probiotics did not work for him.


  • Brain fog, hence the username “Brong Fog Boy”
  • Post exertional malaise / did not feel good/normal after exercise
  • Anhedonia (reduced ability to experience pleasure)
  • Depression
  • Low energy
  • Few sexual side effects?

Onset 1.5-2 weeks after stopping hair-loss drugs for a second time.

Severity: Lost job and girlfriend.

The Youtube Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Hmmm BrongFogBoy had a month-long recovery in 2012.