Brit Galvin to host Instagram Live on Flex Beam, wearable infrared therapy device (?affiliate marketing?)

Note: FlexBeam has an affiliate marketing / commission program so that anybody selling the devices can get a cut of the sales. The financial conflict of interest is ok if it is properly disclosed. I have no idea if Galvin will be receiving commissions, but her IG post does say: “We may just be giving away a special gift during the live as well, so don’t miss it!!!”.

Poster from Galvin’s instagram post:


Brit Galvin is vax injured and has raised awareness of her vax injury on her Instagram page.

She discloses her coupon code and affiliate link here:

You will want to watch this if you’re considering or using red light therapy!!

The most interesting conversation regarding all things red light therapy/science!

Thank you to Dr. Zulia Frost for your time, knowledge and kindness! You are truly an inspiration.

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