Bad medical advice from ChatGPT

ChatGPT says that vaccines do not cause MIS-V / MIS-C. Here is a list of a few case reports of MIS-V.

ChatGPT says that MIS-V is not real.

ChatGPT denies that patients are diagnosed with FND (a nonsense diagnosis from doctors who want their patients to go away) following vaccination. But patients do get diagnosed with that nonsense once they get a vax injury.

ChatGPT thinks that Maddie de Garay’s mom is pro-vax. It also screws up on the details of her vaccine injury.

Maddie de Garay has “transverse myelitis” but doesn’t need a wheelchair or feeding tube.

ChatGPT also claims that Maddie experienced severe side effects. And it says weird stuff about FND, which is a diagnosis that avoids linking vaccines to severe side effects.

I asked ChatGPT about myself. It says that I am advocating for my vax injured daughter. The problem is that I do not have a daughter.

Apparently I have a Youtube channel with a large following.

Then it claims to have no idea who I am.

But also I was injured by the HPV vaccine

Says that Pierre Kory has not spoken out against COVID-19 vaccines.

They aren’t going to directly poke the bear but if you know how to use it, you can drastically improve symptoms and quality of life.
But yeah, vaccines are safe is obviously rlhfed into this model.