Avril Lavigne (famous musician) opens up about chronic Lyme and her recovery

Avril Lavigne suffered from chronic Lyme, where your body can’t get rid of the Lyme bacterial infection. She’s crying in the video interview because she lost her health and doctors were gaslighting her and telling her that she’s crazy. (Does that story sound familiar?)

Fortunately for her she was able to figure out her health, got treated, and is back to work now. :raised_hands: :confetti_ball:

It’s worth figuring out if you have Lyme or not because there are ways to try to treat it. Unfortunately it’s hard to figure out if you have it or not because the tests have a really high false negative rate. You can try the gentle antimicrobials (oil of oregano, monolaurin) that are low risk in long haulers and those with chronic Lyme. Also, pay attention to how you respond to antibiotics- you may respond positively to them or experience a bad Herx reaction.

If you actually have chronic Lyme, that’s kind of good news. It has been around for a while and there are treatments for it, though it’s pretty hard to treat for many people.


Here’s her music video “Sk8er Boi”: She’s back to work and making newer music videos, but I’ve only listened to her old stuff.

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