Australian study: post-vax myocarditis continues for more than 6 months in 55% of patients. It's not that mild

A team studied COVID vaccination induced myocarditis by following up on reports to the SAFEVIC service.

At 6 months, 51.9% of male respondents reported symptom resolution compared to 22.6% of female patients (p = 0.002). Females were also more likely to continue medication and have ongoing exercise restrictions.
Conclusions: There appears to be a significant proportion of patients who experience ongoing symptoms to 6 months post onset amongst patients that experience these AESI. Male patients were more likely to report earlier and more complete symptom recovery, despite significantly higher average initial peak troponin. This difference in phenotypic presentation in females compared to males warrants further investigation and there is a need for longer term follow up data.

You can read the paper here:

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