Augmented NAC is a waste of money. (Probably.)

Augmented/quantum NAC has been promoted by Tina Peers and others. It sells for a much higher price than normal NAC. However, patients don’t rate it as highly as normal NAC. This suggests that augmented NAC is a waste of money compared to regular NAC.

Some survey data

On average, NAC was rated higher in terms of score. In the table below, score roughly tracks patient satisfaction with a treatment; it measures patient satisfaction more than it does medical outcomes. (3 points for significant overall improvement, 1 for mild overall improvement, and -1 and -3 for worsening.)

Both NAC and Augmented NAC were popular, with 85 people reporting results for Augmented NAC.

*Note: Spike protein detox probably doesn’t work. The table above simply groups treatments mentioned by that PDF from the World Council for Health.

More survey data

Long COVID patients were more unimpressed with Augmented NAC than other patient groups. They were far more favourable towards normal NAC.