Ashley's recovery story (mild Long COVD, bedbound from post vax)

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5 minute promotional video on Youtube:


All of the information comes from an integrative medicine clinic (AMA), which needs to spend money on advertising to attract clients. So that’s their potential conflict of interest. We already know that EBOO, ozone, and HBOT will hurt some patients (data) but of course the AMA website doesn’t tell you that. I don’t find this story to be credible but you can watch the 5-min Youtube video and read the article. Please come to your own conclusions.


“Ashley” became unable to work in healthcare (registered nurse in management position).

“From about April to July or August I was mainly bedridden.”

She could drive from Canada to California (?!?!), which is 19 hours of driving from Vancouver to Los Angeles and another 19 hours back. This part of her story is… weird. She probably could have found a closer clinic…?

Her current severity:

“This is the level of recovered I am. I went to Vegas, barely slept, hardly ate, drinking every day, all day. I felt totally fine. Then I just drove over 20 hours to get here and I feel fine.

So she went back to the clinic after being recovered.


Tried multiple integrative modalities offered at AMA:

  • EBOO
  • 10 pass ozone
  • Vitamin bag
  • HBOT / hyperbaric chamber
  • IV methylene blue with Photobiomodulation (TheraLumen, red light)
  • “didn’t take any pharmaceuticals this entire time”

Healing was my full-time job. It is a full-time job. It does take dedication. I had to do that full-time for about six months or so of ups and downs. Then I started having these periods where I wasn’t feeling ill anymore. I started seeing and feeling the benefits. That’s when I knew it was working.”

She says that healing was not linear, sometimes her symptoms were getting worse before she felt better.


  • Arthritic symptoms, joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Stopped menstruating
  • Many many other symptoms