A poem about horse dewormer, the sick and abandoned, stronger as one

In healing’s realm, where courage resides,
A poem for the vaccine-injured, hope provides.
Amidst horse dewormer whispers, ivermectin’s grace,
Beware of sketchy advice, truth to embrace.

Neigh-sayers may doubt, but together we stand,
Bound by resilience, a resilient band.
No time for horsing around, we’ve faced the unknown,
From the sick and abandoned, strength has grown.

In this shared journey, love’s flame ignites,
Support blooms, dispelling darkest nights.
Avoid wand and urine, trust wisdom’s lead,
United we conquer, fulfilling every need.

Triumph over adversity, our spirits unite,
The vaccine-injured, finding solace in light.
Together we heal, a powerful alliance,
Stronger as one, through resilience’s defiance.

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