Persistent heart palpitations

Hi, could you please provide any recommendations for heart palpitations that get worse after eating and exercise? I tried magnesium, potassium, electrolytes, coq10, turmeric, antihistamines, probiotics, black seed oil and many other supplements but it feels it just makes it worse it seems. Thanks in advance.

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Maybe this is not the most helpful answer but have you figured out what foods cause problems for you?

Related to that, these diets are good for treating food intolerances (and/or allergies):

  1. Gluten free - see How to eat gluten-free for chronic illness
  2. Low histamine diet - see Low histamine diet - what it’s good for + food lists
  3. Carnivore diet - see Meat only diet - Long Haul Wiki

There are probably other diets that work but there isn’t a lot of information on them.

And then regarding exercise… you could look into pacing strategies or changing how you exercise. Welcome to the forum by the way.

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Almost any food increases frequency of heart palpitations. I entirely avoid sugar, and surgar like carbs since these are absolute worse. Is there any effective cure for this? I have been managing diet but while it helps a little but it does not cure.

Part of me is like… maybe try a meal where you only eat meat. Like a steak, pork chop, chicken, etc. No seasoning. If you don’t react to that, it may be helpful because a meat-based diet (or meat only) is possible. I don’t recommend diving into meat-only right away and there are some safety considerations.

Is there any effective cure for this?

You could try different antimicrobials as they have a small chance of dealing with the underlying cause. Possibly a specific combination of persistent infections but right now you’re not going to get the testing too find them and nobody knows how to interpret the results anyways (because we don’t know why pathobionts turn into pathogens). It’ll still boil down to trial and error if I’m right about persistent pathogens.

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When I dealt with palpitations and irregular heartbeat, (not from the vaccine, I never took the covid one), but from refrigerant poisoning. I tried everything under the sun. Gave up caffeine, stopped smoking weed, tried sleeping 10 hours a night.

In the end the only relief I got was in the form of beta blockers. Which blocks the adrenaline from hitting the beta zone of your heart. Once I got those, it just took time.

I will tell you, im not 100% better, I likely never will be. My blood pressure was very high for months due to being misdiagnosed by idiots and criminals.

But avoid situations that make your heart feel funny, (high adrenaline/drama, get plenty of rest, and try to eat healthy), the main thing is to just take it one day at a time and try not to push it and you will eventually come to some kind of normalcy I guess.

I feel your pain though, Im angry about what happened to me, because of money mainly.

Its absolutely disgusting.

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