Ivermectin Primer Side Effects

Hello Nil_Reason here.

I wanted to ask for assistance with an issue I’ve been dealing with.
So tried tried the ivermectin primer however I made a major mistake.
Instead of taking the standard dosage of 12 mg every 2 weeks. I took a total of 3 dosages of 18mg from April 24 to the 26. I’m 90kg. The side effects happened on the night of the 26th.
Afterwards I receive the same issues user glenn_chan received with my left hand twitching, a lost of control, and pain in the hand and around my body. Along with eye spasms.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of these side effects I’m experiencing right now?

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Sorry I don’t really know. You’re still experiencing side effects 2+ weeks later?!?! :confused:

I would have figured that they may eventually go away once you stop taking it.

If you did get permanent or long-lasting side effects from ivm that would be good to know. Maybe give an update at the 1 month mark?

That dose doesn’t seem that that high. Some people do 0.6mg/kg for 5 days if they have acute COVID. Your dose was 0.2mg/kg for 3 days, which is a total that is a fifth of that other dosing.

0.2mg/kg once is a fairly standard dosing (for getting rid of parasites, not acute COVID).

Ok I’ll give an update by then.
Still feeling terrible.
Just to be clear I was dealing with Long Covid.

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